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Summer activities

Trekking and hiking

Explore the forest nearby the hotel or trek in the Blefjell mountain located a 20 minutes from the hotel.


Try your luck catching fish on Blefjell, Holtefjell, Numedalslågen or Lyngdalsvassdraget. Fishing licenses can be bought on


Klufterhølen (500 meter from the hotel), Numedalslågen, lakes in the vicinity of the hotel and cold mountain lakes on Blefjell.

Stevningsmogen Fritidspark

Stevningsmogen Fritidspark is the local activity center with outdoors football fields, sand volleyball court, tennis court, a roller ski track and 2, 3 and 6 km hiking paths. There is 


Vatnebrynvatnet Friluftsområde is a lake 5 km from the hotel. Around the lake is an universally accessible park with gravel covered paths for wheel chairs, benches, beach, fishing spot, fire pits, toilets and a dock for small boats and canoes. 


Either on country roads or in the terrain. The hotel have some rental bikes. 

Rail-cycle draisin

In Veggli, a 40 minutes drive away, you can explores the old Numedal railway by rail-cycle draisin. 

Whitewater rafting

In Dagali, 90 minutes drive from the hotel.

Plan your trip

SvingOm is a website that shows you all the places to explore in the area around Lampeland.

Equipment rental

Friluftsbua is a local sporting goods store. Electric bikes, kayaks and SUPs are among the equipments they can provide. They can also provide transport of the equipment to nearby lakes or rivers.

En gutt som spiller saxofon

Festivals and other yearly events

The Gloger festival

The exquisite Kongsberg Church and its famous over 250 year old Gloger organ take centre stage as artists of national and international reputation gather to make music from dawn till dusk during the Gloger festival. The festival takes place late january. 

Kongsberg Jazz festival

The jazz festival takes place every year the first week of July. It's known for its varied program attracting both jazz enthusiasts and those interested in more mainstream concerts. 

Blefjells Beste

The long distance race Blefjells Beste got its name because the participants run past all the best places on Blefjell mountain in the almost 60 km long race. The race takes place at the end of July.

Medieval week

During the last week of July the Medieval Week offer a wide range of events with a focus on the middle ages while the Medieval Workshop offers courses in traditional crafts. The Medieval Week and Workshop is councluded with a Medieval Market

Notodden Blues Festival

The first weekend of August is when some of the world's largest blues artists gather in Notodden

Places to visit

Stave churches and open air museums in Numedal

Numedal is known as the Medieval valley Numedal is the place in Norway with the highest number of surviving timber buildings from before 1350 AC. Many of the buildings are in private hands, but especially during the Medieval Week they open for visits. In the summer tourists can visit three open air museums and four stave churches in the valley. 

Mining and hydropower in Kongsberg

The Norwegian Mining Museum is located in Kongsberg city center and exhibits the history of the silver mines and the mint production in Kongsberg. The museum's Geolab organizes activity for children. We also recommend a visit into the silver mines in Saggrenda, 10 km south of Kongsberg. Kongsberg Church is the largest baroque church in Norway and also worth a visit! 

South of Kongsberg you also find the Labro Museums which is dedicated to the industrual and cultural history along the Numedal river. The Lågdals Museum is located close to the city center of Kongsberg and is and open air museum for Kongsberg and the surrounding communities. In the summer you can visit and pet the farm animals at the museum. 

World heritage at Rjukan and Notodden

Since 2015  the industrial heritage of Rjukan and Notodden has been on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites. Visit Vemork in Rjukan for industrial history and the dramatic story of the Norwegian heavy water sabotage during the Second World War. The Telemark Gallery in Notodden is a monumental industrial production hall from early 20th century. It is filled with art exhibitions and also houses the World Heritage Center of Notodden.

Sigdal - the artists' valley

Visit the homes of the homes of artists Th. Kittelsen and Christian Skredsvig, or explore the folk tale museum Villa Fridheim. Sigdal Museum is an open air museum for Sigdal, Modum and Krødsherad with a special focus on traditional folk musikk in Buskerud county. Krøderbanen is and old railroad with steam trains running every Sunday from late June until end of August.

Langedrag Naturpark

Langedrag is a nature park with around 300 different animals from 20 different species. It's a working farm where the visitors can get close to many farm animals, who loves cuddles and attention. You may also walk around the park and study wild animals such as wolves, lynx, artic fox, wild boar, moose, yak and reindeer. "Awe for life" is not just a motto, but a way of life at Langedrag.

Winter activities

Cross country skiing on Blefjell

160 km of cross country skiing tracks across the mountain. The relatively flat plateau provides excellent options for both experience and inexperienced skiers of all ages. 
Check to see the tracks that have recently been prepared. 

Stevningsmogen Fritidspark 

Stevningsmogen Fritidspark is the local activity center. Here you find cross country tracks that are lit at night, biathlon stadion, hills for sledding and firepits for grilling. Perfect for a day playing in the snow. 


Skattekista is the local school and indoor activity center with swimming pool (21x25m) and sports hall (24x45m).

Downhill skiing

Kongsberg Skisenter, Fagerfjell Skisenter and Blefjellheisen. All three destinations are located within a 30 minute drive from the hotel.

Equipment rental

Friluftsbua is a local sporting goods store. Snow shoes and pulks are among the equipments they can provide.